Post-partum Hair Loss

"After TrichoKare's personalised treatment, not only has my postpartum hair loss stopped completely; my hair is now growing thicker and more luscious than ever!"

Min Hui is a flight attendant at a world-renowned airline that is synonymous with displaying impressive hospitality and showcasing beauty and elegance. She upkeeps a good image because on board, she is not only an ambassador for an airline, but for an entire country.

Min Hui started experiencing significant and abnormal hair fall after giving birth to her baby girl, Caelia. While she knew that postpartum hair loss is fairly normal, the rate of which her hair was dropping at was extremely worrying. Juggling a new baby, her career, and a horrific hair loss problem proved to be too much for Min Hui to handle on her own.

She decided to take action and approached TrichoKare for a remedy for her hair loss problem. TrichoKare then used state of the art analysis tools to determine the type of hair loss Min Hui was suffering from, and customised the most effective hair loss treatment for her that helps to accelerate cell metabolism, strengthen hair follicles, and support healthy hair growth.

Ms Lee Min Hui, 33, Flight Attendant