Greasy Scalp & Dandruff

"TrichoKare has given me the confidence to step into any social situation without worrying about unsightly white flakes."

Jeremy makes time for regular TrichoKare treatments in spite of his incredibly hectic schedule as a Credit Analyst at a major local bank.He believes that one of the keys to feeling great is looking great.

Before Jeremy sought treatment from TrichoKare, he had greasy scalp and struggled with dandruff, the flakes would just fall onto my short unwillingly. I knew I had to do something."

He approached TrichoKAre for a solution to his dandruff and greasy hair issues.TrichoKare examined Jeremy's scalp and adapted an intensive regime that revitalized Jeremy's hair roots and stimulated his scalp. Now his scalp is free from all build up, resulting in healthier hair follicles that leads to a stronger and nourishing head of hair.

Mr Jeremy Tan, 32, Credit Analyst