Male Pattern Hair Loss

"TrichoKare delivers amazing results! I'd recommend this to anyone with a hair problem."

Han Ming, a thirty-year-old Sales Engineer in a leading US manufacturing corporation, reached out to TrichoKare after he started to notice substantial hair loss on top part of his head.

His receding hairline made him feel self-concious.This, coupled with stress from his demanding sales job, made his hair condition worse. "i knew i had to take an action when meeting clients started causing me distress."

TrichoKare then employed a customised treatment for Han Ming that included active ingredients like Burdock and Nettle, that is proven to nourish and improve scalp health, keeping it supple and clear.

"My hair is now fuller and healthier than is eve was!"

TrichoKare also gave Han Ming more than just a remedy to his hair problem, we helped him regain his confidence"

Mr Chen Han Ming, 30, Sales Engineer