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"It delivers real result. My hair problems have since been addressed.”

Jasmine Ho is a hectic, pragmatic and established career woman. She had advanced from a local analyst to the global market. She is never afraid of rolling up her sleeves and digs some audience data. But, the discovery of hair problems hit her one day.

As if having to juggle family and work stress is not enough, her hair thinning problem became obvious at her crown area. It is the ultimate challenge for Jasmine as she began to experience itch, greasiness and her hairline thinning all at the same time. “2 years ago, my hair loss was a disaster” She sighed.

Jasmine is totally dedicated to the contemporary life, “Yes the bottom line is still, to be at your best.” She entrusted her head of tresses with TrichoKare. Not only has she seen real results with a fuller-looking hair now; she is definite that the premium European herbal hair remedy completes herself with a pampering experience. Beyond the treatment, she loves it when it takes her from stress to comfort in seconds.

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