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Dandruff and Greasy Hair

“I now feel out of distress with my scalp cleansed and my hair problem addressed.”

Valerie suffered from hair problems while she had a career meltdown after a year break from her child birth. In situation of uncertainties, it was a toll on her and along came the welcomed dandruff. She was also facing discomfort from the unsightly white flakes falling off her shoulders.

“I was always caught in a situation when I was feeling good dressing up for my company event, but there I noticed the white flakes clinging in between hairs. It couldn’t be more frustrating to look unhygiene in my beautiful dress. I had this going for quite some time until I experience hair loss months ago.” Valerie knew that if she left it untreated, it would lead to premature hair loss. She approached TrichoKare and trusted her hair problems under the care of TrichoKare hair experts.

“Through the microscopic scalp scan, I get to witness the white scales that was left neglected on my head for years!” she said.

Valerie was attended with detailed scalp analysis before a treatment was customized to suit her hair and scalp condition. She has since addressed her hair problems successfully.

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