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Children Alopecia

“I thought hair fall is for Daddy and Mummy. But my hair is in place now.”

Faith is generally a happy and healthy child. At Primary 6 and preparing for her PSLE, Faith had been struggling much on her studies. Said the parent of Faith, “We have added a bit of extra lessons for the topics she hasn’t caught up in school. Little do we know that stress is added in too. She is so young, we have no idea.”

Unexpectedly, Mrs Chong found out that Faith had started losing hair when she brushed or washed it. It started with hair thinning to a patchy, sudden form of hair loss. After her PE lessons, Mrs Chong also noticed that Faith had not been cleansing her head properly. Therefore, the accumulation of perspiration and sebum production led to the unpleasant dandruff as well.

Mrs Chong brought Faith to TrichoKare. “I think children are generally more sensitive in terms of self-esteem and body system. I had to bring her to the experts.” Faith balanced up her studying time through a couple of treatments with TrichoKare and noticed the pleasing differences.

Soon after exams, Faith passed it all with flying colors and also a fine head of hair. “I always have to scratch my head for the itch I cannot stand. Thanks to TrichoKare that the itch no longer irritates me.”

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