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Jay Ganesh S/O Isuran (Jay Nesh), 37

Producer/ Presenter, Oli 96.8 FM,
MediaCorp Artiste, Vasantham
Indian Broadcast Division

Being a radio Jockey and an Actor, Jay Nesh always is often on the go with heavy styling and hair dye. Moreover he is one who loves colors and would change color frequently. However this has caused his hair to turn grey. To make things worst, Jay Nesh concealed those ugly grey strands with temporary dyes every 2-3 weeks and do not leave home without hair wax styling on a daily basis.

“I was under the wrong impression that if my hair has no major impact, as and when I can hide it, I need not act on it. But of course, the hair analysis with TrichoKare left me in shock!” Jay Nesh said, as he thought that the opportunity to experience hair treatment with TrichoKare serves as a wake up call for all the chemical abuse and residue left on his scalp. “I was shown of the red patches during the before hair analysis and at that moment, I cannot wait to proceed on to the treatment step.”

So after the treatment, I must say, “TrichoKare offers great treatments! I underwent the microscope test again. But this time, to my amazement, all the wax residues was cleared and certain red areas looked much healthier. The process was relaxing and left me feeling all rejuvenated!”

When asked on how he felt with the result, he added, “The visible results were really impressive as it was only my first session. It ascertained the fact that we should all seek early help before a condition worsen. Why do want to wait till you see signs of hair loss or the worst scenario, Balding! Personally, my advice is for you to get your scalp checked to ensure that there are no damages. Better now then Later!”