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European Herbal Hair Remedy

Contain pure bio-extracts, TK TrichoKare European Herbal Hair Remedy delivers the best of ancient herbal lore and modern scientific know-how to create synergistic and integrative benefits.

They are uniquely formulated, specially tested and prepared under stringent laboratory standards to fit all hair and scalp conditions.

Achieve a unique TrichoKare experience with high-quality European standards under the watchful eyes of qualified Trichologists, TrichoKare has established an exacting standard for itself over the years with the aim of helping all customers achieve optimal hair and scalp health. Right from Nature’s source, it is free of harsh chemicals and Trichologist-validated just so that you can indulge in the gentle care only herbs can bring – remarkable results.

Tested and proven effective by European herbalists over the centuries to solve the root problem of your hair and scalp.
Due to the delicacy, they are suitable for both adults and children:

Provides Tricho-Scan and Tricho-Analysis that give detailed diagnose of Hair & scalp Problems.
Treatments devised from a broad array of natural plant extracts to stimulate hair follicles and prevent hair problems from returning.
Provides expertise advice on Healthier Lifestyle and Hair Tips to reduce hair loss and reveal healthier hair.

Nourish hair follicles and the scalp to ensure effective, visible and long lasting effect
Provides for scalp cleansing and detoxifying properties used over the centuries to optimize the health of scalp skin
Enriched with application and supplying of minerals and vitamins that helps to increase blood circulation
Speed up the metabolism of the scalp and cleanse clogged pores
Balancing scalp pH level and regulate the sebum production of the scalp
Achieve healthier hair while encourages cell growth on the scalp
Restore hair to its natural, lustrous and glossy state