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Witness 100 Testimonials in 10 Days

With the new outlet opening and the aim to reach out to more individuals who have hair and scalp problems, TrichoKare has initiated to gather 100 Testimonials in 10 Days from our existing customers! We are pleased to have them with us at TrichoKare, even more honored to have them speak for us. Hear what they have to say:

Bloggers Visit

Following the opening, TrichoKare welcomes various bloggers to experience European herbal hair remedy and witness the visible result for themselves:

“The treatment is awesome and my hair feels healthier and cleaner after the session. I enjoyed the head massage most I almost doze off. Thank you so much!” Clara

“What an eye-opener! The detox treatment was personalized specially for me and my therapist did such a great job during the treatment that I saw immediate results – AFTER ONE TIME! I’ll be back soon!” Elaine

“I didn’t want a sales person to be doing a hair scan for me. I want someone who really knows their work… Customers at TrichoKare will be assessed by their in-house Trichologists or Hair Specialists trained under the Trichologists.” Jacqualine

“The entire treatment makes my head feels so “light” and my entire body extremely relaxed.” Tina

“Now my scalp is cleared of any old oil clogs and my hair follicles can be seen clearly again!” Jiahui

“The acupuncture points massage feels really good and the European herbal serums used on me doesn't feel too strong on my scalp. Totally didn't experience any scalp irritation(the next day) and my hair surely doesn't feel heavy nor greasy after the treatment.” Chantana

“Thanks to TrichoKare, my hair is now healthier. It feels like refresh after the entire process!” Shirley